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Studio Pava is currently developing a comic series based on 15th century spice trade, telling the story of an Arab hero from the past. The comic series is all about the fights for dominance for spice trade between Arabs and the European powers especially the Portuguese and the Spanish, the pirates, the uncompromising weathers, turbulent seas , ships, pirates and sea demons and all who took a pie of the sea trade in the Indian Ocean; all in its vivid humour.



Pava Creative Studios Pvt.Ltd.

Mar Ivanios Vidya Nagar,

B Hub, Nalanchira, Trivandrum


Tel +91 9447586081

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Little Books

Studio Pava is in the process of creating new concepts for children’s content; the Little Book is one such concept. Little books are like beautiful butterflies. They wither fun and fancy in children's minds. Little books take children to a world of their own, they tell about their exotic dreams, weird thoughts, funny temperaments, silly jokes, impeccable observations, little secrets, great adventures, daring journeys, tongue twisters, slip of the tongues, joys and pleasures, cries and whispers, screams, spoonerisms, word plays, nicknames, recipes, puzzles, crosswords and lot more. They are fun books and packs the whole little world in a nut shell.



Studio Pava has leaders in the industry, medium and small companies with varied portfolio and social entrepreneurs as its clients for developing creative solutions for their requirements. We have joint IP development agreements with Toonz Animations, concept development association with Hibiscus Digital Media, creative solutions partnership with Weavers Village, Trivandrum for their social entrepreneurship projects.

Studio Pava designed the doll Bhoomika for Weavers Village’s initiative to garner funds to help the victims of Kerala floods in August 2018.

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Mia is all about a little sea gull and the series tells stories about environment and nature. Mia is so curious about what happens around her, and she goes on to explore her surroundings. Every time she learns a new lesson about nature and finds that it affects all the living beings around, like her.